DAO Workstreams (aka Sub-DAOs, Teams)

Definition and Purpose

Workstreams are typically DAO-funded teams with a recurring budget with no termination date (i.e., Community Moderation & Support, Marketing & Creative Services, etc).

Workstreams are the sub-units of how Evmos DAO advances its purpose. A workstream is a group of people actively working on tasks that align with Evmos' Constitutional Values and community run initiatives. As such, ratifying workstreams sets boundaries on what is and isn't in scope for Evmos DAO's governance.

Workstream Requirements

Anyone may start a workstream and gather momentum behind it by posting on Commonwealth. Until a formal proposal for a budget is made, this workstream is considered β€œinformal.” A workstream can be as broad or narrow as its initiators like, but workstream proposals must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have a clear objective that aligns with Evmos' values and objectives as listed in the Constitution.
  • Distinguish itself from or explicitly state its improvements on existing workstreams.
  • The specific KPI that the sub-DAO will focus on driving success in
  • The actual work that the sub-DAO will undertake to drive toward the KPI
  • Propose clear budgets and timelines for producing outcomes and all in line with the budget proposal flow.

Workstream Formation Process

Workstreams can be formed through the Evmos Community Proposal Framework. The proposal process can be read more in-depth here and the proposal must include the Workstream component template.

The burden falls mostly on the proposers of the sub-DAO, i.e., the sub-DAO must convince the Evmos Community to fund its operations and support its mission. In other words, the sub-DAO should lobby for its formalization and funding proposal to pass.

A great way to build trust within the community is to operate informally first.

Workstream Stages

Workstreams have five potential states. Each of the five states and the requirements for a workstream in each state are outlined below:

  • Informal: The workstream is not funded by the DAO, and has not made a formal proposal with its goals and a budgetary request.
  • Proposed: The workstream has made a formal proposal to the DAO for a working budget.
  • Active: The workstream is active and funded by the DAO.
  • Inactive: The workstream has been discontinued and is no longer being funded by the DAO.